Innocent perception is seeing life through the eyes of a child, the way children see life.

Simple. Judgement free. Carefree.

Using innocent perception to see people, places, and things is just the begging!  The result it brings is a new way of thinking.  A new you! 

Perception plays a huge part in our decision making process, so creating innocent perception results in freedom with a rare opportunity to just be you! 

10 ways to start to create innocent perception. 
  1. Walk through the grass at the park with no shoes on, focusing on the feel of the grass between your toes.
  2. Stop and smell the roses; and while you're there notice the intricacy of the makeup of the leaves or peddles.
  3. Take five minutes and ask the person who asks you for money at the gas station to tell you what circumstances in life got them there.
  4. Choose something that means something to you and give it away to someone who could use it more than you.
  5. Pass out food or water to the homeless on your free time.
  6. Sit quietly on a patio with your eyes shut and list off how many noises you hear that most of the time you miss.
  7. Take a long lost friend to dinner...and you pay for it.
  8. Say i'm sorry...ask for forgiveness.
  9. Laugh at your self when things turn out different than you expect
  10. Put on your rose-colored glasses!

Comment below with other ways to create innocent perception.

~TK, Vivaciously Designed



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